6 killer Back Exercise

Back exercise for beginners

Everybody wants good body and back is the most effective. Every one wants grow his back like V-shape. All these back exercise is good for V-shape back. It will help you for grow your strength.

Back exercise Chin-up

Chin Ups back exercise

Benefits : The chin-up can be used as a back and arm accessory exercise. Much like the pull up to increase arm and pulling strength. Increase muscle hypertrophy of the back and biceps and improve grip strength.

How : The chip-up it is very important to know. What should be the distance between your hands that has to be 28 inches. You can measured it. When you go up you have to use upper back and squeeze it. Hold it for a second, and release slowly. You lift your body completely till the time your upper back gets squeezed. 2 sets 10-15 repetitions.

Back exercise Lat Pull down

Lat Pull down back exercise

Benefits: This exercise targets the latissimus dorsi. Which is the muscle just under the armpits and spreading across and down the back. It will help you for wider back.

How: The area supporting the leg should be well padded. Adjust it according to your height and foot placement is very important. Feet have to be slightly forward. It helps to your upper back to remain at a perfect angle. Grab the bar firmly and bend your back little bit not too much. Lift your chest a bit.Pull the bar almost touches your chest,and release it slowly. 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

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Barbell bent over row

Barbell bent row back exercise

Benefits: Bent over is one of the best exercise to maximize muscle growth. Increase pulling strength in the upper body. This is best back exercise for beginner.

How: Take a barbell and put the plates according to your strength. Grip should be little bit wider than your shoulder and softer your knees. Lift your chest a bit and bend your back below 45 degrees. Lift the bar and perform it in a controlled manner slow and steady. 4 sets of 12 repetitions.


Seated cable row

Benefits: The seated cable row develops your muscles of the back or forearms. This excellent all-around compound exercise, its train your middle back.

How: Put the V-handle on machine and place your feet on machine. It will give you support.You have to keep your knees softer. Before starting this exercise retract your upper back and maintain the position. Pull the handle towards your abs. 3 Sets of 12-15 repetitions.

One arm dumbbell row

One arm dumbbell row

Benefits: Increasing upper body strength, primarily in the back.It will help you for thickness your back.

How: Take a flat bench and one dumbbell. If you perform this back exercise from right hand. You have to keep your left leg on the bench and place your right foot slightly back and bend. Pull the dumbbell from your elbow. 3 Sets 12-15 repetitions.



Benefits: Dead lift is a popular weightlifting movement. It works your gluts, abdominal muscles and lower back muscles. Dead lift help you for lift heavy weight in every exercise. Because it works on your strength.

How: You have to use Olympic bar which is the 20 kg weight. It will help you for tight grip. Right position of this exercise is hold the bar from shoulders width apart of neck and bend your knees a bit. Lift your chest and bend your back like 45 degrees and lift the weight. 3 Sets of 12 repetitions.


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