8 killer Chest Workout

Chest workout for everyone

Chest is the best part of body. Everyone wants shaped chest. The main muscle is specifically the pectoral’s major,aka pecs are so big. If you want grow your chest you can follow all chest workout.


Push-ups chest workout

How to perform:Firstly you have to do push-ups because it will keep your chest warm. Best position to perform push-up is your face should be on the ground side. Hand place is width your shoulders. Engage your core and make sure you are not arching your back. Your body should be in straight line.It will make your push-up more effective. 3 Sets of 12 repetitions.

Chest workout flat bench press

Flat bench press chest workout

How to perform:Lay on the bench and make some arch in your back from to bench.Adjust weight according to your strength. Take the bar little bit wider than your shoulders,set your feet on the floor. Press the bar up until your arms are straight.Hold the bar for a second and take breath. This is compound exercise it is works on upper parts like chest,shoulder,triceps. It is the most effective chest workout to gain upper body strength. 3 Sets of 15,12,8 repetitions.

Peck deck fly (butter fly)

How to perform:Select the weight according to your strength. Sit on the platform. Stick your upper back on the machine and make some arch. Hold the handles of the machine. Bend your forearms at 90 angle and keep your elbows at chest level. It will work on pectoral muscles and increase it. 3 Sets of 15 repetitions.

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Incline dumbbell press

How to perform:Set the bench to an incline like 45 degrees angle and sit on the bench. Take two dumbbells with tight grip. Keep the dumbbells on thigh,bend your back little bit until you are touch to dumbbells. Push the dumbbells and lay on the bench. Stick your feet perfectly because when you lift the weight it would help you. Press dumbbells towards sky.When you go back hold the dumbbells with shoulders width. 4 Sets of 15,12,10,8 repetitions.

Low cable crossover

How to perform: Take two handles and set it on the lowest pulley. Stand one foot in front of other for stability. Hold the both handles in each hand with your palms and extend your arms a little out your sides. Keeping them slightly bend at the elbows. Your hands should be come together in front of your chest. Your body will be still, only your elbows will work. 3 Sets of 15,12,12 repetitions.


Flat bench dumbbell press

Flat bench dumbbell press

How to perform:Take one flat bench. Hold two dumbbells in each hand,keep it on thigh. Lie on the bench and make some arch between back and bench. Stick foot on the ground. Start by holding the dumbbells slightly wider than shoulder. Bend your elbows until they are at 90 degrees angle. Arms should be parallel to the ground. Push the dumbbells until your hands are not straight,squeeze chest. When you come down bend elbows slightly. 3 Sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

Chest workout decline bench press

How to perform:The decline bench press is the most effective exercise for lower chest. Decline bench should be 15 to 30 degree angle. Take a straight rod,lay on the bench. Place your feet at the end of the decline bench,make some arch. Grab the bar with a standard slightly wider than shoulder width. Press the bar and squeeze chest.When you unrack the bar breath in and when you lift so breath out. It will work on lower pectoral muscles. 4 Sets of 15 to 18 repetitions.

Chest workout dumbbell pullover

How to perform: Pullover is the great exercise for chest. It’s really going to target the center your chest. While doing this chest workout you will have to keep core tight. First thing you have to do is place one dumbbell on a bench. Lay down next to the dumbbell, your back is the only touching the bench. Keep hips up, rollover keep your wrist straight. When you come down breath in and squeeze chest. 3 Sets of 15 repetitions.


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