Best Tips For Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss diet

You have to start your day with 2 glass of boil water. This will remove the problem of constipation and get out of body toxin,which will help to reduce obesity. Weight loss diet is a big concern for everyone. Priority is main in , if you will follow the rules you can definitely achieve your goal. It can be achieved by a healthy lifestyle which includes the right diet as well as regular physical activity. There are some healthy foods such as lentils, vegetables, healthy fats like peanuts,almonds. Weight loss diet is not easy and it take discipline, patience.

Weight loss diet for vegetarian


Breakfast = You can eat oats in breakfast to make oat meal take 1/2 cup oats and add 1/2 cup low fat milk, add one table spoon honey for sweetener this is optional. After made you can add fruits and dry fruits.

After 2-3 hours of breakfast you can eat apple or papaya.

Lunch = Eat 1 multigrain chapati + boiled brown rice + lentils or soybean + one bowl of curd, you can add salad also.

In the evening = Drink one cup of green tea or one cup of black coffee and eat some digestive biscuits.

Dinner = Make vegetable of 100 gm of cottage cheese and eat 2 chapati of multigrain and you can eat 150 gm brown rice instead of chapati. Add some salad.


Fruits Diet
weight loss diet

Wight loss diet for non-vegetarian

Weight loss diet

Breakfast = You can have an omelet (with olive oil) or scrambled eggs or boiled white egg with some salt and pepper. You can also add whole wheat bread.

Lunch = You can eat chicken vegetable and 150 gm boiled brown rice or eat 2 multigrain chapati. Make sure that chicken is home-cooked. You can add eggs instead of chicken. Add some salad also.

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Grilled chicken

In the evening = Drink cup of green tea or cup of black coffee and eat digestive biscuits.

Dinner = Sea food is best option to eat at night. Go for steamed or grilled fish boiled is a good option too. Add some brown rice.


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